a car mechanic?



Search your friends and find one. If none of your friends is a mechanic, you can always search friends of your friends.

What do your
friends do?



Everybody does something. Somebody is a painter; another is a police officer, lvl. 80 orc warior or a carpenter. Tag their profession so you can find them, when you need them.

Simplify your life.
Download Tapaty.

Tapaty is a mobile app for searching the right people. Just enter name of the profession you are searching for and Tapaty will show you list of your friends and friends of your friends, who you can contact immediately.


  • 1. Step

    Download Tapaty
    from Appstore
  • 2. step

    Register and fill
    in your profile
  • 3. step

    Tag profession and skills
    of your friends
  • 4. step

    Search your friends,
    when you need it


Add my privat tags
Add private tags – bookworm, drink-buddy or amateur porn actor. Your friends could be anything (in your phone :D)

Connect friends from facebook
Each one of your friends on Facebook now can be on Tapaty.

Clound contacts - webpage
you can store all your contacts on a cloud.

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